Thought of the day

This piece first appeared as a comment by Karen123 to this article:


“You don’t see animal rights activists advocating for the rights of animals to be exploited at circuses and for entertainment. Animal rights activists seem to know that you can defend the animals without defending “their rights to be exploited.” Just as animals learn how to “enjoy and appreciate” their abuse in entertainment (see the happy faces on the dancing elephants / see the happy faces on the Camels in Christmas parades), women can give the impression that they willingly participate in their abuse. The women’s movement is supposed to be against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, regardless of the situation. The bottom line is that being a sex worker (prostitute/stripper/exotic dancer/porn performer) itself is sexual abuse. A prostitute doesn’t have to be punched in the face to be abused – the act of being prostituted it the abuse itself. “


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